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Embroidery design Dancing with Sayings

Choose your embroidery hoop size

Min. frame size:

Embroidery file dancing with sayings Mega Set Dancers 13x18 (5x7") 16x26 (7x11")


  • Embroidery file MegaSet package 13x18 - Dancers (figures) 7 files 13x18, lettering 8 files 10x10 a total of 15 files in the package
  • Embroidery file MegaSet package 16x26 - Dancers (figures) 7 files 13x18, lettering 8 files 10x10 total 15 files in the package

Super beautiful designs

You get the MegaSet Dancers embroidery file with sayings in sizes 13x18, with the lettering in a 10x10 frame size.

Package in 13x18 and 16x26

Our embroidery files are something special. They are rather minimalist, a little abstract and therefore appear elegant.

You can find DanceKids here

Dancing is dreaming with your feet

Dancing is a wonderful sport, in my opinion.

It not only combines movement, touch and music, but also trains the brain like no other leisure activity.

The many turns and steps require a maximum of concentration and coordination.

In addition, the rhythm of music activates brain regions that are responsible for processing language, among other things. When dancing, the body also releases the happiness hormones dopamine and endorphin.

You see, dancing is not only fun, it is also healthy.


ITH 'ist die Abkürzung für "in the Hoop" und' means in the embroidery frame.

These files are completely embroidered and sewn with the embroidery machine. If you would like to find out more about this, you can find more information in our article here .

Take a look at the great work of our design stickers.

Even if not every file has one, here's a word about "border". I prefer light borders with a drawing or painting character, not complete frames. Therefore it may be that the border does not fit 100% onto the image. This is intentional.

Embroidery file for the embroidery machine in the following formats


If you cannot find your format here, please contact us. A revocation is not possible after receipt of the embroidery files.

With the file you only acquire the right to use the motif. The embroidery files are the sole property of Jana Leske -Conception - lajana. These files may not be modified, exchanged, sold or distributed.

Please also note our terms and conditions .

Terms of use Embroidery pattern files stixxie by lajana – embroidery files with hearts

With full payment of the purchase price you will receive the simple, non-transferable,
unlimited right in time and space to use the purchased embroidery design file(s) in the
to use private area.

Commercial sector

If you want to use the files commercially, this is limited to a maximum of 20 files per file
Embroidery motif permitted. When using it in commercial areas, please note that:
Embroidery design files only in the original, i.e. digitally unchanged on any
Carrier materials (e.g. clothing, bags, pillows, other textiles, etc.) are used and
can then be sold as end products.

The note “Embroidery motif: lajana Stick-Design*Embroidery” is in the
To add product description.

If you would like to use the purchased embroidery file commercially beyond the 20 pieces,

You can get a commercial license extension for the respective motif (series) via the shop.
Please find out which design series in the respective product description
owns a product and indicates that series when purchasing a commercial license extension,
so that we can assign the license extension.

Besides that

It is expressly not permitted in both private and commercial areas,
Sell ​​or exchange embroidery pattern files and/or finished embroidered patterns individually
to make copies for third parties or to reproduce them in any other way.
The creation and/or sale of buttons and patches is possible with up to 20 pieces per
Subject permitted. In addition, the license extension applies as already described.
In principle, freebies may not be used commercially.


Our offered embroidery files have been successfully used on various machines with different file formats and also on
embroidered in different fabrics and adequately tested.
However, it is advisable to do a test stick before applying to clothing
If you do not achieve a satisfactory result, please contact your representative
Embroidery machine dealer to solve the problem together.
We assume no responsibility for incorrect working practices.

Instructions/ Recommendations


Please note that the pattern may distort slightly with stretchy fabrics
can. A firm clamping and a washable Avalon fleece can be used here
placed on top will help. Plus, I always staple beforehand.
Warpage is more likely on heavy fabrics such as sweat than on thin fabrics
cotton fabrics. That's why the needle, thread tension, fleece and fabric should be aligned
to be coordinated.


I work with Amann Mettler Poly-Sheen. However, it is not the cheapest. Also it is
not suitable for every machine.
In any case, it is recommended to use polyester yarn (e.g. also from Gunold).
this is cooking and bleach resistant.
It is important to use the right fleece. Also pay attention to your recommendations
machine manufacturer's


The colors of the files are chosen arbitrarily and can be adjusted or changed at any time.
to be changed.
The software assigns a number to each color, which in some formats
matches, others do not. So it could be that for me it's No. 1
is black, while in DST format it is red. We have no influence on that.


I like to use zipper fleece underneath or the washable fleece. There are, among other things,

Madeira Superweb

• Cutting fleece
• Good for sizes up to 13x18
• Soft
• Suitable especially for toddlers/children
• For elastic fabrics such as jersey, sweat, etc.

Madeira Superstrong

• Cutting fleece
• Suitable for all materials
• Recommended for embroidery with a lot of dense motifs

Avalon Madness

• Necessary for fleece fabrics such as nicki or jersey
• It is also generally recommended to protect fabrics when embroidering
• Is placed on top and is water soluble
• Comes in thin and thicker versions
• Thinner Avalon can also be torn off after embroidery

Volume fleece

• Thickness of 5mm is great for small ITH embroidery
• For larger ones, 1 cm is also acceptable

Term explanations/Tips:

• Classic Embroidery:
all areas will be fully embroidered.
• Classic application:
the surfaces are inlaid with fabric. The stick is done in several steps.
• Fringe Application:
the surfaces are covered with fabric.
Tip: please DO NOT cut the fabric too close here.
It's better to trim at the end with small curved scissors!
• Doodle Application:
the surfaces are covered with fabric.
Tip: please DO NOT cut the fabric too close here.
It's better to trim at the end with small curved scissors!


• Have you unzipped the files?
• Chosen the correct embroidery file format?
• Is suitable stabilizer used?
• Is the stabilizer firmly hooped?
• New sewing needle inserted?
• Is the bobbin thread rewound?
• Have you tried a different embroidery thread/color?
• Embroidery machine switched off and on again?
• Embroidery machine cleaned?

What to do if the embroidery file is not readable?

On the topic of embroidery files not readable, embroidery parts left out, files corrupted, I found them online
researched and came across the following interesting information:
There are machines, for example, from Bernina, Brother, W6 (the names Bernina are often mentioned, among others).
Bernette Chicago 7, Brother 750e, W6) which cannot read the files. Often there are
also older machines that don't work quite as well with newer software (if the...
digitizing is used).

That's why there are tips like this that you should try.

The Bernina obviously doesn't like the file names! Please include the file name
Rename Windows except for the ending .EXP, which is a must. You all have to be there
Remove spaces, underscores, periods, dashes and special characters. (E.g.
With the Brother 750e, the stick, which is only used for transferring to the machine, can be max.
Have 512 MB. He also doesn't like it when there are too many files on it. On that, please
Save a maximum of 8 files with the ending .PES, not entire folders.

Every machine has its own thing

Some other Brother machines, W6 but also my Janome MC500e like it in the name
no special characters like ä,ü,ö,ß, dashes, spaces, periods, commas (only
Letters a-z and numbers 0-9) etc. As a result, some things are not embroidered
something is left out or the data from the stick is not transferred at all
taken. Here too, please change the file name and only use 8 characters for the name
(e.g. Haseei1.DST). In the same way, only save a maximum of 2 files on the stick.

Embroidery machines are divas

Then the size problem, embroidery file doesn't fit in the frame and I would like it
smaller, bigger and, and, and.
Some files need to be rotated, you've already noticed that. With some
It can be done on the machine, for some it can only be done on the computer with the appropriate software. If you
If you didn't receive any software included, we recommend searching for free ones online
Watching programs (e.g. My Editor).
ALSO, you should always format the USB sticks on the machine, if that
if it doesn't work, then on the computer.

Change the file sizes!

Resizing a file will never be satisfactory because it only changes the size of a file
Original files are available from the creator. If the file is in your programs or
are enlarged on the machine, everything pulls apart because the stitch length and
Increase distances by percentage; when decreasing, the opposite is true. There would be
The threads will probably get tangled or the motifs will be too tight.
Nevertheless, sometimes a file can be faulty from the start, but I can't do that
In this or any other case, you are welcome to contact me at any time. Her
then receives a new file.
Email: / Jana Leske

General Terms and Conditions:

The embroidery files are the sole property of Jana Leske -stixxie by lajana.
These files may not be modified, exchanged, sold or distributed.
The designs are the sole property of Jana Leske – stixxie by lajana. The files may not be
exchanged, sold or shared.

However, we are only human and mistakes can happen. Contact us and we will find a solution together.

Please also note our terms and conditions .

Here is another link to

✔ Clean embroidery results through testing by an experienced test embroidery team

✔ Optimized number of stitches - reduced yarn consumption

✔ Optimized color changes - less time spent

✔ All embroidery formats tested on various machines

✔ Preview image with stitch count and color sheet PDF

✔ Embroidery files in the formats *DST *EXP *JEF *PES *VP3 *XXX *HUS. Created with professional software. Please inquire about other embroidery formats

✔ Many 5 star reviews

✔ Commercial license for up to 20 units

Stickdatei Tanzen mit Sprüchen von stiXXie by lajana
Embroidery design Dancing with Sayings Offer€9,70