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ITH embroidery picture frame

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✔ Clean embroidery results through testing by an experienced test embroidery team
✔ Optimized number of stitches - reduced thread consumption
✔ Optimized color changes - less time wasted
✔ All embroidery formats checked on a wide variety of machines
✔ Beginner-friendly detailed instructions with fabric recommendations
✔ Embroidery files in *DST *EXP *JEF *PES *VP3 *XXX *HUS formats. Created with professional software. Please inquire about other embroidery formats
✔ Lots of 5 star ratings
✔ Commercial license up to 20 pieces

ITH embroidery file picture frame 10x10 13x18 20x28

Do you also like pictures of your loved ones on the walls?

This beautiful picture frame

Embroidery file ITH picture frame is a real eye-catcher. There are different packages in three sizes, for the frame size 10 x 10 (4 x 4"), frame size 13 x 18 (5 x 7") and for frame size 20 x 28 (7.9 x 11"). Also as a bundle, where all three sizes are included.

In the small 10 x 10 package, there are 5 files, round and square. In the larger packages round, oval, rectangular 13 x 18 = 9 files, 20x28 = 8 files. There are different shapes, each with a simple satin edge and with a decorative satin edge, which makes the whole thing even more beautiful. Motifs are also included to decorate the frames 10x10 - 1 heart corner motif, 13 x 18 1x heart corner motif, 1x heart corner motif, 1x flower tendril, 20 x 28 1x flower tendril, 1x heart corner motif

ITH is the abbreviation for "in the Hoop" and means "in the embroidery hoop". These files are completely embroidered and sewn using the embroidery machine. If you would like to find out more about it, you can find our article here .

The picture frames are also very useful for “using leftovers”. How about jeans that are no longer needed or cotton fabric that is available in small quantities?

Take a look at the great work of our design stickers.

Even if not every file has one, here's a word about "border". I prefer light borders, more contours, with a drawing or painting character, not complete framing. Therefore it may be that the border does not fit 100% onto the image. This is intentional.

Embroidery file for the embroidery machine in the following formats


If you cannot find your format here, please contact us. A revocation is not possible after receipt of the embroidery files. With the file you only acquire the right to use the motif. The embroidery files are the sole property of Jana Leske -Conception - lajana. These files may not be modified, exchanged, sold or distributed.

Terms of Use Embroidery Design Files lajana Embroidery Design * Embroidery

With full payment of the purchase price you will receive the simple, non-transferable,
unlimited right in time and space to use the purchased embroidery design file(s) in the
to use private areas.

Commercial area

If you want to use the files commercially, this is limited to a maximum of 20 files per file
Embroidery motif permitted. When using it in commercial areas, please note that:
Embroidery design files only in the original, i.e. digitally unchanged on any
Carrier materials (e.g. clothing, bags, pillows, other textiles, etc.) are used and
can then be sold as end products.
The note “Embroidery motif: lajana Stick-Design*Embroidery” is in the
Add product description.

If you would like to use the purchased embroidery file commercially beyond the 20 pieces,

You can get a commercial license extension for the respective motif (series) via the shop.
Please find out about which design series in the respective product description
owns a product and indicates that series when purchasing a commercial license extension,
so that we can assign the license extension.

Besides that

It is expressly not permitted in both private and commercial areas,
Sell ​​or exchange embroidery design files and/or finished embroidered patterns individually
to make copies for third parties or to reproduce them in any other way.
The creation and/or sale of buttons and patches is possible with up to 20 pieces per
Subject permitted. In addition, the license extension applies as already described.
In principle, freebies may not be used commercially.


Our offered embroidery files have been successfully used on various machines with different file formats and also on
Embroidered in different fabrics and adequately tested.
However, it is advisable to do a test stick before applying to clothing
If you do not achieve a satisfactory result, please contact your representative
Embroidery machine dealer to solve the problem together.
We assume no responsibility for incorrect working practices.

However, we are only human and mistakes can happen. Contact us and we will find a solution together.

Please also note our terms and conditions .

Stickdatei von stiXXie ITH Stickdatei Bilderrahmen 10x10 13x18 20x28
ITH embroidery picture frame Sale price€14,70 EUR