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ITH embroidery file package T1 napkin rings

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Sale price€7,70 EUR
✔ Clean embroidery results through testing by an experienced test embroidery team
✔ Optimized number of stitches - reduced thread consumption
✔ Optimized color changes - less time wasted
✔ All embroidery formats checked on a wide variety of machines
✔ Beginner-friendly detailed instructions with fabric recommendations
✔ Embroidery files in *DST *EXP *JEF *PES *VP3 *XXX *HUS formats. Created with professional software. Please inquire about other embroidery formats
✔ Lots of 5 star ratings
✔ Commercial license up to 20 pieces

ITH embroidery file package T1 napkin rings for 10x10 (4x4")

Napkin rings for a beautifully laid table

* 8 variants (files) in the package
* Frame size 10x10 (4x4")
* especially on holidays for festive tables next to our cutlery bags or cup lounges.
* with motifs and also as a blank file
* with satin frame as a clean finish
* the motifs are the very popular Knolle, Elchi, Willi and Lucie files* other napkin rings are available here

File - number of stitches, color change:

* Tuber with satin edge - 6.434, 10
* Elchi with satin border - 6,489, 11
* Snowman with satin border - 6,331, 10
* Angel Lucie with satin edge - 8.083, 12
* Blank curved with satin edge - 2,646, 4
* Belt with satin edge - 9,265, 5
* Blank square with satin border - 4.476, 3
* Happy Holidays with satin border - 8,950, 5

You can get great fabrics, for example lucky point .

Stickdatei von stiXXie ITH Stickdatei Paket T1 Serviettenringe für 10x10 (4x4")
ITH embroidery file package T1 napkin rings Sale price€7,70 EUR