I grew up in the former GDR.

Unfortunately, since we didn't always have such cool clothes as the west, I started sewing early.

At the age of 14 I taught myself this great hobby on a Singer pedal machine. First to prettify my clothes.

Later, I loved to sew children's clothing from cotton sheets and muslin diapers.

I sold these at village festivals.

I started creating my own patterns and sewing for my children.

Today I already sew for my grandchildren.

In 2013 I felt the need to decorate the sewn pieces with embroidery. I had the idea of using my self-made drawings for it.

So it happened that I bought an embroidery machine and professional software to make my idea a reality.

I have now digitized hundreds of images (not just my own) to make them available to like-minded people in my shop.

Your Jana