Magical spring and Easter ideas for you

Magical spring and Easter ideas for you

When the sun shines outside...

I am particularly looking forward to spring. I'm sure you too. Finally less clothes again, pretty up the garden and enjoy the sun's rays.

Easter is not far off either.

Here I have some tips on what you can conjure up beautiful things for your spring-fresh home or for Easter.

door signs

Thanks to the invention of ITH embroidery files, it is possible to create great decoration ideas yourself. Of course it's a little time consuming. But it's worth it, they're all unique.

Detailed instructions are included in every ITH file.

This super sweet sign "are in the garden" will be the absolute eye-catcher. By the way, this sign is one of many from our MegaPack door signs.

There are 33 files in total!!!

flowers, flowers, flowers

The most beautiful thing about spring, I think, is that mother nature awakens again. Everything is green and blooming. And flowers are wonderful things. I love flowers very much. They spread a good mood with their colorful splendor.

Have a look here at the pictures of our spring flower file.

There is also an ITH file for Flowers on a Stick , Vegetables on a Stick , or Sunny Pendants.

Easter decoration beautiful

A five-part Easter decoration that you can simply embroider as an ITH made our test embroiderers very happy. Didn't she turn out super beautiful?

Easter bunny, chicken and egg

Last year we also had a sweet Easter bunny in our program, followed by a chick and a lamb.

Now we have a crazy egg , crazy chicken and crazy rabbit series. These are ITH files and intended as dangling figures. Here are some pictures:

You can find more beautiful Easter files here.

Easter gifts/ presents

Small gifts maintain friendship. With this ITH file you can conjure up a beautiful mini packaging for chocolates or an egg.

It's best if you take a look.

Easter elf

Imp are very popular. They are now not only available for Christmas. No, for the whole year. These are super cute for Easter .

I hope there are a few suggestions for you.

If you want more information about ITH files, you can find them here on our blog.

Also a tip for shopping for fabrics. I like to buy lucky point a.

I hope you enjoy browsing and embroidering

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