What are ITH embroidery files?

ITH embroidery files - what is that?

Surely you have often heard of ITH embroidery files. But what exactly is that? First of all, it's an English term that means »in the hoop« and that means »in the embroidery frame« in German. (contains advertising)

These are sewing projects that are completely embroidered or sewn with the embroidery machine. However, there are two types of ITH files. On the one hand, those that really do without additional seams, by hand or machine, such as our MuFuTa 's or cup lounges .

On the other hand, those that end up getting a seam by hand or machine because you need the opening to turn or fill, such as our Topfi potholders .

In any case, you can conjure up many wonderful things with such ITH embroidery files. They are usually made very quickly, which is why they are also very suitable as a gift. I've even sewn individual gift tags with it.

But how are the ITH embroidery files made?

Don't worry, you will receive well-illustrated step-by-step instructions for every ITH. In addition, these ITH embroidery files are divided into sequences. At the beginning, a mark is usually embroidered, on which you then place your piece of fabric. This is then sewn on in the next step.

And how do I get pictures on it?

Embroidery File ITH Wedding Love Set 10x10 13x18

Again, there are several options. There are ITH embroidery files where the motifs are already included. You simply embroider the picture on according to the order and instructions.

But of course there are also many blank ITH embroidery files because you would like to put your own motif on them or simply because, for example, our cutlery bags can be used all year round. And since it's not Christmas all year round, we would of course like to give you the opportunity to choose a motif.

Does the embroidery frame remain in the machine the whole time?

No of course not. Since you want to put on fabric, which may also be pinned to the underside of the frame, it is essential to remove the frame completely from the machine's holder from time to time in order to do this. But that's also in a good guide.

Are the ITH embroidery files only for smaller projects ?

No, there are also projects that consist of several parts and are then combined to form a large whole. This is often the case with cuddly toys or patchwork projects. The individual parts are sewn/embroidered in the respective frame with the embroidery machine and sewn together at the end.

Is this also something for beginners?

Yes, it definitely is. Especially if you still have your problems with sewing, for example, and the seams are not quite straight, you will be happy with this. The work with the ITH embroidery files is always the same, clean and looks very good.

So sewing ITH embroidery files is less time-consuming?

No, I think it's at least as time-consuming as sewing patterns with a sewing machine. Although experienced seamstresses are perhaps a little faster. You must stay with your machine the entire time of your ITH project .

The frame has to be taken out, the fabric put on and, if necessary, a motif embroidery file added. This requires some attention and, above all, time. Still, you'll love these ITH embroidery files here when you see the great results at the end. And believe me... it's addictive. 😉

If you have never tried an ITH embroidery file from our shop , now is the right time to do so. Don't worry, it really isn't difficult and it's worth it.

If you would like more information about embroidery and would like to buy embroidery files, you can find them on our blog here .

ITH embroidery file eggs

Now have fun trying it out.

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