Machine embroidery - Every beginning is difficult, that's how it was for me

Every beginning is difficult, that's how it was for me

Tips for working with the embroidery machine.

Embroidery is a wonderful thing. You can give your creative work that certain something with beautiful embroidery. At some point I felt the need to decorate my self-sewn things with just that something. So I bought an embroidery machine.

Because every beginning is difficult, I wasn't always good friends with my embroidery machine.

Threads snapped, spools became tangled, embroidery images were often disastrous. And by that I mean stick pictures that I bought with embroidery files have worked. Digitized by itself embroidery files I didn't have a clue at that point.

So I read a lot, tried it out and got used to this work. Today I want mine Embroidery machine , I no longer miss the Janome MC 500 e (the successor is the Janome MC 550 e). A great embroidery picture can really be the eye-catcher on your self-sewn piece being.



My research revealed the following:

  • The needle, stabilizer and type of fabric should always match.
  • The various embroidery machines each require individual handling of the embroidery files.

I always put one on top washable film such as Avalon. You can use a normal embroidery or jersey needle use. I always take these embroidery needle .

Jersey a special fabric

3D rabbit appliqué on children's dresses

3D rabbit appliqué on jersey children's dress

Let's take for example Jersey . One below is suitable Cuttable fleece , which you simply cut off all around after completing your embroidery. That fleece you clamp firmly in your frame.

Now you can spray glue put on it and your piece jersey or sweater stick. It is also possible to lay the piece of fabric loosely on top and then fix the whole thing with a basting stitch on the machine (if available).

Another possible fleece is this Sol fleece . By the way, it is water soluble. I used it in three layers, so the embroidery very slightly plastic and is ideal for stretchy fabrics. Also make sure that you always clamp your fleece properly.

So it cannot slip out of the frame. Nothing is more annoying than a slipped embroidery picture, right? In one of my next posts I will explain the individual types of fleece and when they are used.

Have fun browsing and embroidering.

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