Embroider ITH projects - how does it work?

Embroider ITH projects

How does it work?

Do you remember? I already explained to you in another newsletter what ITH files are.

With these files you can make super nice projects completely in the embroidery machine.

Today I would like to use an example to explain to you how to create an ITH project with the embroidery machine.

As you probably remember, there are two different variants of ITH files.

ITH In the hoop (in the frame) - 2 variants

  • the first variant - ITH completely embroidered in the machine (it may have to be assembled, see lantern below left)
  • the second variant - ITH with turning seam, which is closed by hand or by sewing machine
LanternITH_13x18 Lantern ITH Variant 1 ITH - Variant 2 Snowman ITH - Variant 2

Embroider snowman ITH - easily explained

This file comes in three sizes.

Choose the right size for your existing frame.

File sizes and finished sizes

Frame size 13x18 – size 10x15 cm (body without cap)
Frame size 16x26 - size 13 x 23 cm (body without cap)
Frame size 20x28 – size 17 x 25 cm (body without cap)

What you need:

Attention: If you use faux fur or plush, the sewing foot must be raised and that
set the speed all the way down. Also, do not embroider unobserved. The layers of fabric
become very fat. I therefore recommend fleece or velor fabric.

• Washable fleece (eg Solufleece) for clamping.
• Remnants of fabric, e.g. cotton, velor, fleece measuring 15 x 20 cm (for 13x18, 1x front piece, 1x
rear part), 18 x 28 cm (16x26, 1 x front part, 1x rear part) and 22 x 30 cm (for 20x28, 1x
front part, 1x rear part)
• Remnants of fabric for a hat, faux fur or similar trimmings
• Fleece strips (or similar) approx. 1-2 cm wide, from 28 cm long as a scarf
• Avalon foil for above
• Possibly a bobble for the hat
• Some fiberfill or seeds (as a seed pillow with cotton fabrics)
• Embroidery thread, scissors, tweezers and of course your embroidery machine with the appropriate frame.

( I like to use the Solufleece , it washes out without leaving any residue.)

File checked, frame size set

  • Send file to stick or directly to machine (depending on model)
  • Check if the file exists and if it is readable. If this is not the case, please change the file name. Recommendation 8 characters, only digits and letters DO NOT use any special characters. You can find more information and tips on my blog.
  • Check lower thread, if necessary rewind
  • Check the needle (does it match the fabric?)
  • Check threading

If you can staple with your machine, then I advise you to do so. I always staple everything beforehand.

staple function staple function

This is what the stapling function looks like for me, see picture on the left

And now we can start:

Determine the frame (size you need) and cut your fleece to size.

Clamp fleece Clamp fleece

Clamp the fleece firmly and then place your main fabric over it. You can fix it with spray adhesive or, as mentioned, staple it. Another possibility is to fix it with pins at the very outer edge.

Now the machine embroiders the mark for the overlay of the fabric. Then you put your fabric on it and embroider it, it looks like this:

Now lay out your prepared fabric. (left image below)

In the next step these are sewn on. (right picture below)

Mark for fabric

Now the motifs are embroidered. With our snowman, it's the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.

Remove the frame and place your second piece of fabric right sides together.

Then you insert the frame and embroider the fabric.

Now you take out the frame, remove the embroidery material and cut the fabric close to the edge. Turn your snowman over the turning seam and fill it with fiberfill, cherry stones or similar.

You can close the turning seam by hand or with a sewing machine.

If you want to sew a hat for the snowman, you will find the right file in the snowman ITH package.

Snowman 20x28 Snowman 20x28

You will find these or similar instructions in every application file and ITH file.

By the way, you can shop for matching fabrics here.

I hope you enjoy browsing and embroidering

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