5 ideas on how you can use KlettPads

5 ideas on how you can use KlettPads

Who doesn't love them, the small and the big children?

Anyway, I love my two more than anything.

Of course, they also did supposed nonsense at times. But shit happens, isn't that part of being a kid?

Velcro pads can help you. You wonder how? I'll show you what you can use these pads for. In any case, you can put a smile on your kids' faces with it.

Here are 5 ideas for using your KlettPads:

Clothes broken - so what? There are Velcro pads

How often was the clothing soiled or even torn. No problem, quickly sewn a pad on the knee and you could wear the beloved piece of clothing again.

And I had to wash every day anyway.

I'm sure you remember that.

I remember that »back then« I cut the patches out of old trousers that had been worn out several times and sewed them on by hand, later with a machine.

Sometimes I ironed on a picture or simply painted or hand-embroidered something on it.

VelcroPad for every occasion VelcroPad for every occasion

Today, in the age of technology, we have completely different options. The patches are also now called pads, which is more modern, although they serve the same purpose.

The pads are available in round or oval shapes. Since they are edged with a satin stitch, the fabric does not fray. You can easily sew them onto broken clothes.

Velcro pads are super handy. You simply attach them with Velcro or other Velcro material. There's a lot to choose from now.

For garments, I recommend the sew-on Velcro material. There are yard goods or round pads. The Velcro material for sticking is suitable if you don't have to wash the pads all the time. But it is important that the hook tape is always attached to the pads and the loop tape to the clothing. This will prevent other things from snagging on the clothing.

Sometimes I skip the velcro altogether and just sew the pads onto the clothing as is.

Velcro pads for school bags

The KlettPads ITH embroidery file is very popular. You probably know them by other names such as Kletties. These are climbed onto the school bag. So your child gets their favorite school bag and you can put a smile on your sweetheart's face in the morning. Like you, I know that children sometimes don't feel like going to school. I know that from my school days and of course from my children.

Children's backpack with Velcro pads Children's backpack with Velcro pads

They also look very cute on a children's backpack. You are sure to give your child a backpack to take to daycare. Now you can easily spice it up.

It is best to use the round Velcro adhesive pads for this. Click on the link here and you'll find it right away.

Glue the fleece side to your backpack. This is important since the hook side "attracts" pretty much everything. You certainly don't want items of clothing and the like to get caught on the backpack or satchel.

The hook side is glued to the Velcro pad.

Velcro pad for the children's room

Do you also have so many boxes for various toys and other small items that your children love so much?

Look, maybe this is an idea to "pretty up" these boxes.

Velcro pad for the children's room Velcro pad for the children's room

Here you can also work with the Velcro material for sticking. As with backpacks, clothing, etc., the loop tape should be on the boxes.

Great idea I think.

Velcro pads as a medal

Another great idea would be to sew the pads to a ribbon or pretty bow like in the picture.

The little ones are very happy about a "gift" for a child's birthday party.

Medal for the children's birthday Medal for the children's birthday

Or simply design individual medals for your next children's birthday party.

Then you do a little competition. It's great when every participant receives a prize.

Spice up clothing individually with Velcro pads

You get clothes from somewhere, for example shirts for your children or grandchildren. Unfortunately university, oh dear somehow boring. But now you can give your clothes a special touch with these great Velcro pads. Depending on what your children, grandchildren love, everything is possible.

Stick the cow Elsa on it like in the example. Is not that cute? I recommend that you sew the Velcro material onto finished clothing - but again, remember... fleece on clothing. The adhesive material does not withstand the many washes.

T-shirt with Velcro pad T-shirt with Velcro pad

Many possibilities with Velcro pads

As you can see, there are many uses for our KlettPads.

By the way, they are not only suitable for children. With the appropriate motif, you can also put them on your own clothes.

Either to spice it up, patch it up or just for fun.

And one more thing: They are ideal as glass coasters. Of course you leave out the Velcro material.

Here are a few more ideas...

Velcro pads many possibilities Velcro pads many possibilities Velcro pads many possibilities Velcro pads many possibilities width="225"] Velcro pads many possibilities Velcro pads many possibilities

The new trend – Velcro pads

That is also clear, they are very versatile. That's why we present you our ITH file for the popular KlettPads. These are blank files.

There are many embroidery designs that fit on our blank files. You simply add them to your pad on your machine. You can find our KlettPad file here.

If you have any questions, contact me

For the beginners among you, instructions are included with the product. You are also welcome to write to me to ask questions. I've been able to help quite a few over the phone. So don't be afraid to talk to me.

Those who have been embroidering with the machine for a long time already know their way around. I always see that in my dear sample embroidery team.

The girls always conjure up great things.

As you can see, there are really no limits to your creativity. I'm looking forward to your finished pads.

You are very welcome to send me pictures or simply join our Facebook group . There you can present all your works.

Now a word about the ITH embroidery file.

ITH is the abbreviation for "in the hoop" and means "in the hoop". These files are completely embroidered and sewn with the embroidery machine.

You can find more information about ITH here.

You can find motifs for our KlettPads in the category children/ KlettPad motifs here.

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