5 ideas what to embroider for children

5 ideas what to embroider for children

Here we are again with our favorite topic, the children

Ever since I became a grandmother, I've had lots of ideas for sewing my little grandma's mouse.

Anyone who is already a grandmother knows what I'm talking about. There is handicrafts, sewing, knitting and embroidery.

A lot of junk belongs to such a self-made part. And of course the clothing is diligently appliquéd and embroidered.

But that's not all you can do on your embroidery machine for your darling.

Today I give you 5 ideas what you can embroider for children or conjure up on your embroidery machine.

Embroider for children - first a maternity pass cover for the mother-to-be

A baby is born. Oh that's a pleasure. We mothers and grandmothers with a creative touch can't start clothing production fast enough.

Oh, if only I knew right away what it's going to be and what it's called. Then I can make individual things. You're bound to be just as curious as I am when you hear about the happy event.

But beforehand, we busy bees can conjure up something for the mom-to-be. I find these maternity passport cases very practical.

Maternity passport cover made of felt Maternity passport cover made of felt

I prefer to embroider these on felt. You too? Note that it should be embroidered felt.

If you use normal felt, I recommend a maximum thickness of 3 mm.

I also always put Avalon foil on top so that the thread cannot sink. This film is very easy to wash out afterwards.

Now the little angelic being is in the world and we can get started. But what?

Then I'm overwhelmed. No, not with the sewing and embroidery, but with the selection.

I would love to sew all the baby equipment, but then I just don't have the time.

In most cases, the little one also has grandparents and other relatives who would certainly like to give something as well.

So, taking a deep breath and making a list helped me.

Children's names embroider not only cute, but also practical

... is also clear. At some point, the little bundle of joy will go to a children's facility or to a childminder.

So it makes sense to label things. In addition, a bib, cloth or romper gets a special individual touch.

Embroider children's names -individual clothes Embroider children's names -individual clothes

You can embroider names with any embroidery machine. Most machines have a selection of fonts in the program.

Make sure that the needle fits accordingly and that the lower bobbin holder may have to be changed.

At least that's how it is with the Janome. The best thing to do is to look again at the instructions for your machine.

Embroider appliques for children

As is well known, we can decorate or spice up items of clothing in various ways.

On the one hand you can embroider the fabric you want to sew with your desired motif, on the other hand you can apply applications.

Appliqués are patches that you can either buy ready-made or make yourself.

With today's technology and the ideas of many embroidery file designers, you can produce them entirely on your embroidery machine.

You will always find instructions with our applications.

[caption id="attachment_9916" align="alignleft" width="225"] 3D rabbit appliqué on children's dresses 3D rabbit appliqué on children's dresses

There are different types of applications. Here in the picture you can see a 3D application.

The rabbit ears are sticking out. I'm sure you think it's super cute, just like me. Other applications are, for example, doodle applications.

I will bring you closer to the topic of applications in a separate post in the near future.

Embroider games for children

The dear little ones grow far too fast. Mom or grandma, maybe even the gentlemen of the family who sew and embroider, have to come up with something.

A present is needed.

You probably remember the domino and memory games .

Domino ITH with maritime motifs Domino ITH with maritime motifs

I always loved playing this as a kid. Now I've been thinking about how I can conjure up these games on the embroidery machine.

The result is two super cool ITH embroidery files. A domino and a memory game.

The good thing is that you can make these entirely on your machine. A sewing machine is no longer possible.

These are blank files that you have to »fill« yourself. Would also be too difficult to pre-plan a domino. There are just too many possible combinations.

And to be honest, you do want to be a bit creative yourself.

There are many embroidery designs that fit on our blank files. You simply add them to your blank on your machine.

Memory ITH file with Christmas motifs Memory ITH file with Christmas motifs

Embroider cuddly toys ITH for children

Every child loves stuffed animals. Your child or grandchild too, right? Now you can sew a cuddly toy on your sewing machine the "traditional" way.

Cuddly rabbit ITH - not only for children Cuddly bunny ITH

But you can sew it just as well with your embroidery machine. Many embroidery file designers have such ITH embroidery files on offer.

As do we. At first I thought that creating this ITH file would never work.

After a few attempts and the full commitment of the Probestick team, it finally worked.

The best thing to do is to follow the instructions provided. With cuddly animal ITH files, you must note that they require a turning seam for their filling.

This means that this seam is closed by hand or with a sewing machine at the end. But everything else is done on the embroidery machine.

A real relief.

If you have any questions, contact me

At this point once again the note:

For the beginners among you, instructions are included with the product. You are also welcome to write to me to ask questions.

I've been able to help quite a few over the phone. So don't be afraid to talk to me.

Those who have been embroidering with the machine for a long time already know their way around. I always see that in my dear sample embroidery team.

The girls always conjure up great things. Look here:

Application on a romper Application on a romper Embroidery file application file Mia Maus Embroidery file application file Mia Maus

As you can see, there are really no limits to your creativity. I'm very excited to see what you conjure up.

You are very welcome to send me pictures or simply join our Facebook group . There you can present all your works.

Here are a few more ideas.

Now a word about the ITH embroidery file.

ITH is the abbreviation for "in the hoop" and means "in the hoop". These files are completely embroidered and sewn with the embroidery machine.

You can find more information about ITH on our blog.

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